Advantages of a Murena Cloud account

  • having a new brand email address
  • having a single identity to access all Murena Cloud services :

    • Murena Cloud Email :
    • Murena Cloud Drive : photos, videos, documents…
    • Murena Cloud Calendar
    • Murena Cloud Contacts
    • Murena Cloud Notes
    • Murena Cloud Tasks
  • in your /e/OS smartphone and online at :

How to get your free Murena Cloud account ?

  • And follow the below steps :
    • enter your current email address
    • reenter your current email address
    • solve the math equation for human verification
    • on success, you should see a screen like this

  • Wait for an invitation in your mailbox ! Usually it takes < 2 minutes. Check your SPAM box !

Get Started

  • After you clicked the link in the invitation email you can proceed to the actual account creation :

Creating your own Murena Cloud account

  • Fill the fields correctly! This example will create a Murena Cloud identity as John Doe
  • Your username may contain Latin letters (a-z), digits (0-9) and special characters (- . _)
  • Your username must be at least 3 characters long and at most 30 characters long
  • Your username must not contain special characters in succession
  • Your username must not start or end with special characters
  • Please note that your username will be automatically converted to lowercase during account creation (i.e. “” becomes “”)

  • On successful account creation you should see this screen

Using a Murena Cloud account

  • Now that your Murena Cloud account is created, you can use it in your /e/OS smartphone 
    • In the first time usage wizard just after /e/OS installation
    • You can add account by going to..
       Settings >> Accounts >> Add account >> /e/
  • On the web at to retrieve all the pictures, videos you took with your /e/OS smartphone
  • To access on the Murena Cloud all you emails and check your calendar

Having trouble creating an Murena Cloud account?

  • If you never received the invitation on your current email, check your email client SPAM folders
  • If you cannot login in your /e/OS smartphone or at try to reset your password with the reset link available at
  • Make sure that you use your as email for the reset process, NOT your recovery email.
  • If that does not work for you contact us at

How can I delete my Murena Cloud account?

  • Log in to your Murena Cloud account using the ID you want to delete
  • Take a backup of your data and emails (if required) before proceeding
  • Click on your profile image
  • This will open up a menu
  • Click on Settings
  • This will display the Setting options as shown in the screenshot below

  • Click on “Delete Account”
  • This will open up a screen with the text “Check this to confirm the deletion request”
  • Select the check box
  • Click “Delete my Account” button
  • The operation could take up to a minute. Please wait

    This action will remove your Murena Cloud account, data stored on the Murena Cloud if any and all emails.

  • You will be logged out of
  • The Murena Cloud account deletion is complete

    In case of any issues please send in the details to

Some more tips on your Murena Cloud account

  • Your Murena Cloud identity at is not (yet) compatible with our various websites and forums.

  • This means that you will have to create specific login/password at and
  • Do not try to login in your /e/OS smartphone with your community or gitlab identity. It will not work.

Want to manually configure your mail client for Murena Cloud?

Most mail clients should be able to configure your Murena Cloud ID automatically, once you input your Murena Cloud username and password. In case that is not possible, please use these settings to manually configure:

SMTP/IMAP server:

SMTP/IMAP username: your Murena Cloud email address in full (example: or

SMTP/IMAP password: your Murena Cloud email password

SMTP port: 587, plain password, STARTTLS, requires authentication

IMAP port: 993, SSL/TLS, requires authentication

Storage Options

  • Your free account will be limited to 1GB online storage.

  • We now have some premium storage plans available. You can also upgrade it to 20GB while supporting the /e/OS project by becoming an /e/ Early Adopter.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that /e/OS Free drive and mail accounts are supported by donations!

Please support us now and receive a gift.

Is a Murena Cloud account mandatory to use /e/OS ?

  • A Murena Cloud account at is not mandatory to use /e/OS, but is highly recommended if you want to benefit from the full Murena experience as described in this guide.

What about accounts, are they still valid?

Murena cloud is the new name of Murena cloud. Users with an account, or legacy accounts, can still use their account with no issues on Murena cloud.

Legacy accounts have both address (by default) and now a new alias (needs to be enabled in account settings).

Also, legacy account benefit too from the Hide my email feature and new features on Murena cloud.

To add an account on a phone with /e/OS, just follow the standard process: go to the account manager, add an Murena account, enter the ID and your account password.

To sign in to your cloud account, just browse to with your user ID. replaces