Advantages of an /e/ account

  • having a new brand email address
  • having a single identity to access all /e/ services :

    • /e/ Email :
    • /e/ Drive : photos, videos, documents…
    • /e/ Calendar
    • /e/ Contacts
    • /e/ Notes
    • /e/ Tasks
  • in your /e/ smartphone and online at :

How to get your free /e/ account ?

  • And follow the below steps :
    • enter your current email address
    • wait for an invitation in your mailbox ! Usually it takes < 2 minutes. Check your SPAM box !

Get Started

  • After you clicked the link in the invitation email you can proceed to the actual account creation :

Creating your own /e/ account

  • Fill the fields correctly! This example will create an /e/ identity as John Doe
  • Your username may contain Latin letters (a-z), digits (0-9) and special characters (- . _)
  • Your username must be at least 3 characters long and at most 30 characters long
  • Your username must not contain special characters in succession
  • Your username must not start or end with special characters
  • Please note that your username will be automatically converted to lowercase during account creation (i.e. “” becomes “”)

Using an /e/ account

  • Now that your /e/ account is created, you can use it in your /e/ smartphone 
    • In the first time usage wizard just after /e/ OS installation
    • You can add account by going to..
       Settings >> Accounts >> Add account >> /e/
  • On the web at to retrieve all the pictures, videos you took with your /e/ smartphone
  • To access on the ecloud all you emails and check your calendar

Having trouble creating an /e/ account

  • If you never received the invitation on your current email, check your email client SPAM folders
  • If you cannot login in your /e/ smartphone or at try to reset your password with the reset link available at
  • Make sure that you use your as email for the reset process, NOT your recovery email.
  • If that does not work for you contact us at

How can I delete my /e/ account

  • Log in to your ecloud account using the ID you want to delete
  • Take a backup of your data and emails (if required) before proceeding
  • Click on your profile image
  • This will open up a menu
  • Click on Settings
  • This will display the Setting options as shown in the screenshot below

  • Click on “Delete Account”
  • This will open up a screen with the text “Check this to confirm the deletion request”
  • Select the check box
  • Click “Delete my Account” button
  • The operation could take up to a minute. Please wait

    This action will remove your /e/ ID and ecloud account, data stored on the ecloud if any and all emails.

  • You will be logged out of
  • The /e/ account deletion is complete

    In case of any issues please send in the details to

Some more tips on your /e/ account

  • Your /e/ identity at is not (yet) compatible with our various websites and forums.

  • This means that you will have to create specific login/password at,, and (shop)
  • Do not try to login in your /e/ smartphone with your community or gitlab identity. It will not work.
  • Your /e/ identity is under this form :

  • This is your email address too. Yes. « .email » is a valid extension on internet, like .com, .org, .xyz and thousands others.

  • And forget we don’t own the domain.

Want to manually configure your mail client for /e/?

Most mail clients should be able to configure your /e/ ID automatically, once you input your /e/ username and password. In case that is not possible, please use these settings to manually configure:

SMTP/IMAP server:

SMTP/IMAP username: your /e/ email address in full (example:

SMTP/IMAP password: your /e/ email password

SMTP port: 587, plain password, STARTTLS, requires authentication

IMAP port: 993, SSL/TLS, requires authentication

Storage Options

  • Your free account will be limited to 1GB online storage.

  • We now have some premium storage plans available. You can also upgrade it to 20GB while supporting the /e/ project by becoming an /e/ Early Adopter.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that /e/ Free drive and mail accounts are supported by donations!

Please support us now and receive a gift.

Is an /e/ account mandatory to use /e/OS ?

  • An /e/ account at is not mandatory to use /e/OS, but is highly recommended if you want to benefit from the full /e/ experience as described in this guide.