Export contacts from Gmail using a .vcf file on a S9+

Steps :

  • Export contacts from Gmail to a .vcf file
  • Attached your S9+ to the laptop using a USB data cable
  • Open the S9+ Downloads Folder
  • Placing the vcf file into that Folder
  • Now in Contacts » Settings import the .vcf file
  • Done.

Workaround for VoLTE/VoWiFi for TMobile users

As you may be aware Volte/VoWifi are not available on /e/OS.

  • A temporary work around is available for users on TMobile.
  • Write to them and in return they would send you details of what is called a “Cellspot”.
  • It propagates their bands wirelessly in your home and back-hauls them via my home internet
  • You may need to run Ethernet from the device to your network switch.