Upgrade your /e/ Cloud storage plan

  1. Login to your /e/ Cloud account using your credentials
  2. Login to your murena.com account using credentials of account with which you bought your original subscription
  3. If you have paid for your original subscription using PayPal as the payment method, please cancel your original subscription before going to the next step
    • In case you want to cancel subscription before subscription plan ends, please contact support at helpdesk@e.email
  4. Upgrade from your /e/ Cloud account by clicking on the “Increase storage size” button in the “Files” app Screen showing "Increase storage Size" button
  5. You will be taken to a page with plans for upgrade. Select your desired plan from here Screen showing storage plans page
  6. You will be taken to checkout where you can pay for your storage upgrade
  7. Once payment is successful, your storage quota will be updated automatically