What is the /e/OS easy-installer?

  • The Easy Installer is a desktop application which helps users install /e/ on supported devices.

  • In its current version the tool works on the Linux and Windows OS

How can I install the /e/OS easy-installer?

The easy-installer beta is available for Linux and Windows OS.

Installation guide for Linux

Installation guide for Windows

Installation guide for MacOS

List of devices supported by the easy-installer

  • The easy-installer beta version supports 15 devices
Tip: To get the Easy Installer working on your PC you would need to install the OS specific fastboot drivers first. Follow the instructions in the Install Guides gives against each device.
VendorDevice NameCodeNameAdditional InfoDriver InstallationModel (s)
GigasetGS290gs290 Install Guidegs290
FairphoneFairphone 3FP3 Install GuideFP3
FairphoneFairphone 3+FP3+ Install GuideFP3+
SamsungGalaxy S9starlteExynos onlyInstall GuideSM-G960F, SM-G960F/DS
SamsungGalaxy S9 Plusstar2lteExynos onlyInstall GuideSM-G965F, SM-G965F/DS
SamsungGalaxy S8dreamlteExynos onlyInstall GuideSM-G950F
SamsungGalaxy S8 Plusdream2lteExynos onlyInstall GuideSM-G955F
SamsungGalaxy S7herolteExynos onlyInstall GuideSM-G930F
SamsungGalaxy S7 Edgehero2lteExynos onlyInstall GuideSM-G935F
GooglePixel 4flame  coral
GooglePixel 4XLcoral  flame
GooglePixel 4asunfish  sunfish
Oneplus7Thotdogb  hotdogb
Oneplus7 proguacamole  guacamole
Teracube2e 20202e  2e
Teracube2e 2021emerald  emerald

For more details you can refer a user updated post on the forum where the Easy Installer was tested by /e/OS users against these models

Why are more devices and OS not supported?

Due to resource constraints the /e/ team cannot support all the work needed to add more devices or other operating systems. Here we request users in the community with development experience to help us on:

  • Porting the Easy Installer to MacOS
    • the java software should run without issues
    • some development work may be required on the script to port it
  • Support new devices
    • with its architecture based configuration files, it is easy to add new devices
Tip: We share details on how you can add more devices in this document

I want to develop the source further. How can I help?

To build or improve upon the easy-installer code check the documentation here…

Tip: To discuss about the easy-installer project, get help or contribute on it come to our Community Forum

Still have some queries on the easy-installer ?

Check out the easy-installer FAQ

Thank you in advance!